Simple Secrets to Having an Exciting Active Program


Some of you have told me that Iím in a rut.All I ever write about is the importance of a good solid program to the success of our Scouting Units.Well, for those of you that feel this way, this letter is going to give you more evidence that Iím stuck on the same theme.

If you are going to influence a boy; if you are going to help a boy grow to manhood with moral, mental and physical strength, then you are going to have to have him with you on a regular basis.If a boy never comes to your Unitís meeting, then you have no chance to influence him.

The only way that you are going to have a boy with you is if you have an exciting program. It is also no secret as to what constitutes an exciting program.What boys are looking for is an opportunity to do things in the out-of-doors.They will tolerate indoor activities, if they lead to an outdoor activity.Give your boys an opportunity to plan an outdoor activity every month if you have a Troop or plan frequent outings if you have a Pack.These are the simple secrets to having an exciting active program in your unit.